IYF Digital is a brand new ambitious social media agency. Our objective is to help charities and the good cause through social media. The staff consist of the following:

Nelli Lapintie (Project Manager):

Social media is present in my life every day and around the clock. It is the main platform that I connect and communicate with my friends and family – especially while living abroad. It also works as a tool in my profession in media field. The rise of social media during me growing up is crazy. I started with a black and white Macbook without Internet and ended up to this moment, using ten different social medias.

Though I might be a little too addicted to my digital devices sometimes, I still think social media is amazing platform that opens a lot of doors. You can promote yourself, your work and connect with people in a short period of time.

Thianna Noordzij (Editor-in-Chief):

I have always felt extremely connected through social media. It started with MSN, but soon I discovered how you could be in touch with the entire world if you wanted to, that excited me so much because I always felt that the Netherlands was too small. Youtube has probably been the most important medium for me when I was a teenager, I finally got to interact with other people that had the same interests and ideas as me.

Long Zhang (Creative Director):

I started using social media for content sharing and collection, like photography, artworks, and digital creations. Nowadays I use them to keep track with popular events and be in the trend.

It’s nice to be part of a moment where millions of people in the world are excited about the same thing as you are.

Niko Vahtera (Researcher):

Social media had a big impact on me when it started to merge out. My first social media’s were IRC-galleria and Messenger. IRC-galleria was a Finnish Facebook long before there was Facebook. It was popular among youngsters. I believe that founders of IRC-galleria are pretty pist off about themselves because they were there before Facebook, but didn’t succeed worldwide.

When Facebook became popular in Finland I also joined in. And actually I wouldn’t maybe be here without Facebook. That’s because Facebook gave me a platform to express myself, and that is one reason why I got interested on writing and journalism.

Nowadays I use several social media’s like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and of course Facebook – and I love it.